HomeKit on Neo – FAQ


The following products are compatible with HomeKit

Via the neoHub

  • neoStat
  • neoStat-hw
  • neoStat-HC
  • neoAir
  • neoStat-e
  • neoUltra
  • neoPlug

HomeKit allows you to use the Home App, Control Centre in iOS and Siri to;

  1. Adjust the room set temperature
  2. Turn On/Off Standby Function for each Zone
  3. Turn On/Off the timer or neoPlug
  4. Include Neo devices as part of scenes and automation rules

HomeKit is an Apple only system.

It works on iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac OS

Setup & Usage

Before you follow these steps, ensure you have setup your Neo system using the steps outlined here.

Using iOS Home App

  • Press + (Top Right)
  • Press Add Accessory
  • Scan the code on the rear of your neoHub
  • The Home App should report the neoHub has been found – tap it to select
  • You will now be prompted to place each Neo device in a room
  • Repeat for each zone

Using neoApp

  • Press Settings
  • Press HomeKit
  • Select or Create a New Home
  • Select Add a New Accessory
  • The neoApp should report the neoHub has been found – tap it to select
  • You will now be prompted to place each Neo device in a room
  • Repeat for each zone

On the neoStat, you have the following functions

Standby You activate by navigating to the power icon and pressing tick. In this mode, the thermostat will maintain the Away Temperature (normally 12C, but you can change that from 7-17C – read here to learn how)

Temperature Control  You can use the Up/Down keys to adjust the desired temperature.  The thermostat will always follow its programmed temperature but you can use these keys to temporarily override this.

In HomeKit, you have the same control. The switch directly controls the Standby function, allowing you to turn off the heating when you leave home as part of a home automation rule.  Like on the neoStat, you can also override the temperature and you can use automation rules to set a temperature when you leave or arrive home.

In the Home

When you are in the home, your iPhone will communicate directly with the neoHub


When you are away from home, your iPhone will communicate via iCloud to an Apple TV, iPad or HomePod in your home and then to the neoHub.

Yes, if you want to

  1. Access your Neo remotely via HomeKit
  2. Run Automation rules when you are away from home

No, if you only want to

  1. Control your Neo from HomeKit when you are at home.

Yes HomeKit can support multiple homes with Neo

Whilst all communication for HomeKit is sent on your local network, the neoHub needs to be connected to the Heatmiser Cloud to remain operational.


It may be the neoHub has already been paired to a HomeKit System. Follow these steps to reset the HomeKit firmware in the neoHub.

  • Open your neoApp and Login to your Location
  • Press Settings
  • Press HomeKit
  • Press the COG in the Top Right
  • Press Reset HomeKit Configuration


  • The neoHub will now reset the HomeKit configuration. This will take around 4 minutes so please wait before trying to re-pair.
  • We can confirm this does not affect the pairing of neoStat on the system.

If your neoHub supports HomeKit it will have a HomeKit pair code on the reverse.

If you do not see a label like this, your neoHub does not support HomeKit.

Please contact our support team support@heatmiser.com regarding this issue. Your neoHub will need to be returned to Heatmiser for servicing.

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