neoHub Mini System Overview

neoHub Mini HW is designed for those with 1 or 2 heating systems controlled by an on/off boiler and a hot water cylinder.

neoAir v3 Smart Thermostat

  • Multi Mode Smart Thermostat

    The neoAir v3 is our battery powered wireless smart thermostat that can operate as a thermostat, timer or thermostat & timer. The flexible programming options help reduce the number of SKU’s stockists need to hold.

  • Optional Desk Stand

    The neoAir v3 Wireless Thermostat can be wall or desk mounted so is perfect for those looking to relocate their thermostat.

  • Energy Saving Optimum Start

    The neoAir v3 Smart Thermostat calculates the amount of heat up time required to ensure your home is warm when you wake and return home. This is automatically optimised throughout the year to save you money.

  • Simple to Use

    The neoAir v3 Smart Thermostat is simple to use with a great set of features designed to ensure you get the very best from your heating system.

neoHub Mini WiFi Gateway

  • 1 or 2 heating zones and a hot water cylinder

    The neoHub Mini HW Kit is designed for those with 1 or 2 heating zones and a hot water cylinder. The neoHub Mini HW connects to your home router by WiFi and wirelessly to the neoAir v3 smart thermostat. An additional neoAir v3 can be purchased to control a 2nd heating zone.

  • Multi Mode Smart Thermostat

    neoHub Mini HW caters for systems with 2 heating zones and a hot water cylinder making the system perfect for most small – medium homes.

  • Fail Safe

    At Heatmiser, we believe your heating system shouldn’t be dependent on the internet. As we store the heating profiles in the neoAir v3, should the internet connection develop a fault, the heating system will continue to operate to its programmed schedule.

  • Features
  • Hot Water Support
  • Max No of Connected devices
  • Compatibility
  • Connection
    (WiFi / RF)

  • Supply
  • Dimensions
  • neoHub Mini HW
  • Yes
  • 2
  • neoAir v2-M / v3
  • To router: WiFi (2.4GHz)
    To neoAir v2-M 868MHz
  • 230v AC
  • 116mm (W) x 117mm (H) x 30mm (D)


  • Smart Profiles

    The neoApp allows you to program a number of heating profiles that are stored in the neoHub Mini for future use. Once selected, any zone using the profile will be updated automatically whenever the profile is changed.

  • Hold Function

    The neoApp allows you to hold a temperature in one or both zones for a number of hours. The duration of the hold is visible in the app and on the neoAir v3 Thermostat.

  • Subscription Free Geo Location

    Geo Location in Neo is an energy saving feature that works in the background. Neo will turn off your heating when you leave whilst ensuring your home is warm for your return.

  • Holiday Mode

    There is no need to heat an empty home. With the holiday function in Neo, you can set the time and date when you will return. During the holiday, both zones will maintain their individually set holiday temperature.