Google Home – Heatmiser Neo

Heatmiser Neo has been designed to offer multi zone smart control for most heating systems, including radiators, electric and water underfloor heating and OpenTherm support on the neoHub Mini OT.

Google Home support adds great connectivity to an already feature rich solution. Check out more about Heatmiser Neo here.

Google Home speakers enable users to speak voice commands to interact with services through Google’s intelligent personal assistant called Google Assistant.

Heatmiser neoHub Mini   –     Heatmiser neoHub

The Heatmiser neoHub offers unrivalled system type support, from electric & water underfloor heating, conventional radiator systems as well as hot water and towel rails.

The Heatmiser neoHub Mini OT is the perfect choice for smaller systems as it offers support for 2 zones as well as providing an OpenTherm connection.

This support differentiates us from the competition and has made Neo the preferred choice for many equipment manufacturers, installers and end users.

Here are some examples of what you can do with Google Home and Heatmiser Neo

  • “Ok Google, set the temperature in the living room to 23 degrees”
  • “Ok Google, turn off the heating in the basement”
  • “Ok Google, increase the temperature in the bedroom by 1 degree”
  • “Ok Google, turn off all thermostats”
  • “Ok Google, what’s the temperature in the kitchen?”
  • “Ok Google, what’s the set temperature in the living room?”

Google Home currently supports English (U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia), French, German, and Japanese.

  • Voice Control

    Using the Google Assistant and Heatmiser Neo you can interact with the accessories in your home by voice commands. You can say for example “OK Google, Set the Temperature in the Living Room to 21” or “OK Google, Turn the heating off in the Living Room”

  • Remote Control

    Using Google Assistant on your Android or iOS mobile device, you can interact with your Heatmiser Neo system whilst you are out of home.

    Now you can ask the Google Assistant to turn up the heating or the hot water ready for when you return home!

    Note: Google Assistant is a standalone app on iOS available for free from the Apple AppStore.

How to Setup