Heatmiser NeoHUB – System Overview

Standalone Room Thermostat with Optional App Control

The neoStat was designed as a standalone room thermostat that can be paired to the neoHub Gen 2 for remote app control if desired by the end user. This method enables the neoStat to remain competitively priced. 

Simple to use & Setup

The intuitive menu navigation ensures Heatmiser Neo is a simple and highly flexible system. 

Most Heating Systems Supported

Neo supports the most popular types of heating, including radiators, water and electric floor heating and renewable energy systems. 

Modern Styling

The neoStat Digital Room Thermostat is designed to be discreet and with dimensions similar to a light switch, the neoStat will be noticed for its features not size.

  • Smart Profiles

    Smart Profiles enable users to program time and temperature settings and then apply them to a number of zones. Any subsequent change to the profile will be automatically applied to those zones using the profile. 

  • Geo Location Facility

    Automatically turning the heating off when the home owner leaves and back on when they return, the Geo Location feature is an ideal energy saving feature. 

  • Subscription Free

    There are no on-going costs for the user and the system improves over time with regular system updates. 

Heatmiser Neo
  • Mesh Networking

    The Mesh Networking feature of Neo greatly increases the communication distance of the system as the communication data is automatically routed between the connected neoStats and the neoHub Gen 2. 

  • Multi Zone

    Up to 32 zones can be controlled from anywhere and large systems are easily 

    controlled by using the Global features in the neoApp. 

  • Remote Updates

    Ensuring the Neo System is always up to date, the neoHub Gen 2 will periodically download updates and apply new features and patches to the connected devices. 


The UH8 is our 8 zone mains powered wiring centre designed for use with the neoStat Thermostat. 

Up to 6 actuators can be wired to each of the 8 zones and an output is provided for the boiler, underfloor heating pump and valve. 

Zone 8 of the UH8 can be setup to control a radiator zone, in this case not enabling the UFH Pump and Valve. 

Heatmiser Neo - Wired

Radiator Zone

The UH8 provides an output for a single radiator zone, making the UH8 suitable for those systems with UFH and Radiators. When used, this zone doesn’t enable the underfloor heating pump, valve or boiler. 

Pump, Valve & Boiler Output

The UH8 provides on board switching for the boiler, underfloor heating pump and valve. This means you don’t need to purchase expensive add-on modules. Everything is included in the UH8. 

6 Actuators per Zone

Up to 6 actuators can be connected to each zone, making the UH8 perfect for systems with larger zones, where multiple heating loops are installed. Across all 8 zones, the UH8 has a total load of 5A. 

DIN Rail & Neon Output Indication

The UH8 incorporates DIN rail mounting, so can easily be mounted adjacent to other electrical equipment. In addition, the UH8 has Neon output indications for each zone, so installers and end users can easily identify the heat status of any zone. 


The UH8-RF v2 is our wireless wiring centre designed for use with the neoAir v3 Thermostat. 

Up to 6 actuators can be wired to each of the 8 zones and an output is provided for the boiler, underfloor heating pump and valve. Additionally, the boiler signal can be sent wirelessly to the RF Switch v2. 

A Software option in the thermostat allows you to configure which zones are underfloor heating and which are radiators. Radiator zones will not enable the UFH Pump and Valve. 

Wireless Boiler Link 

The UH8-RF v2 offers a wired and wireless link to the boiler, making it ideal for those installations where the required cabling hasn’t been installed or where a wireless link between multiple wiring centres is preferred. 

Any Zone UFH or Radiator 

On installation, the installer can select whether the zone is a radiator or underfloor heating zone. Like with the UH8, radiator zones do not enable the underfloor heating pump, valve or boiler. 

Pump Delay and Creepage 

The pump delay feature will delay the pump and boiler for 2 minutes to give the actuators time to open. Creepage will operate each valve or pump for a short time during inactive heating periods. 

DIN Rail & Neon Output Indication 

The UH8-RF v2 incorporates DIN rail mounting, so can easily be mounted adjacent to other electrical equipment. In addition, the UH8-RF v2 has Neon output indications for each zone, so installers and end users can easily identify the heat status of any zone. 


Heatmiser neoStat - Colours

neoStat can be configured in software to work in non-programmable, programmable or timer mode. This adjustable mode setup means reduced SKUs for stockists. 

neoStat has been designed to be simple to use and make programming simple with the intuitive menu navigation. The neoStats can be controlled from anywhere thanks to the plug and play neoHub and are available in Glacier White, Sapphire Black and Platinum Silver. 

  • Wired or Wireless

    neoAir offers a complete wireless solution whereas the neoStat is a mains powered thermostat with a volt free switch.

  • Touch Key Design

    Illuminated Touch Key for Easy Operation 

  • Energy Saving Optimum Star

    neoStat will calculate the amount of heat up time required.

  • App Controllable

    When paired to the neoHub, the neoStat/neoAir can be controlled from the neoApp – available on iOS and Android. Up to 32 zones can be controlled from a single neoHub. 

  • Air & Floor Sensing

    neoStat can be used with a remote air and remote floor sensor, whereas the neoAir has one remote sensor connection that can be used for remote air or floor temperature monitoring. 


The neoHub Gen 2 is the gateway to the Neo System, providing remote control of the Neo System from our iOS and Android mobile Apps. 

The neoHub Gen 2 connects to your home broadband router and wirelessly to the neoStats in your home. No special computer knowledge is required, simply plug into your router, create a FREE account via the Neo app and then take control of your heating, hot water and appliances from anywhere. 

  • Mesh Networking

    The Neo System uses mesh networking technology to provide reliable communication of the thermostat data whilst at the same time providing an extended communication range. Each neoStat thermostat acts as a repeater on the network, helping to eliminate range issues which are common on standard RF systems. 

  • HomeKit Support

    HomeKit is the smart home framework from Apple, bringing a common platform to control compatible accessories with Siri and the Home App inside iOS. HomeKit accessories, such as the neoHub Gen 2, have passed extensive testing by Apple which means when you see the Works with HomeKit logo you can be sure of a great user experience. 

  • Remote Update

    The neoHub Gen 2 processes over the air firmware updates for all connected devices. OTA updates allow for updates and security patches to be applied throughout the products lifetime. 

  • API - 3rd Party Integration

    The neoHub Gen 2 published API makes it easy for third party integration companies to integrate Neo with leading home automation systems. 

    Visit dev.heatmiser.com for more information on our API program


neoApp is designed to work perfectly with the neoHub and Neo Thermostats. Together they present an advanced heating control solution that is perfect for modern lifestyles. 

neoApp supports multi locations and multi users. What’s more, home owners can share full or 

restricted access to the Neo system, perfect for holiday rentals. 

The Geo Location technology ensures users never heat an empty home, by automatically reducing the temperature when they leave and increasing the temperature when they return. 

  • Simple User Interface

    Our intuitive home screen shows the user at a glance the current state of their heating system as well as the upcoming heating periods. 

  • Enhanced History

    Once enabled in the iOS/Android neoApp, the neoApp will show additional history data. This includes the set temperature, room temperature and whether the room was preheating or heating. This is available for each zone for the last 13 months.

    In addition to the enhanced temperature history, the neoHub Gen 2 will display the hours run for each day for the same period.

  • Smart Profiles

    Many areas of our homes operate to the same time and temperature settings although they have their own individual thermostat. Smart Profiles are stored in the neoHub Gen 2 and can be quickly applied to multiple zones. 

  • Hours Run

    This latest innovation for our customers – working alongside our popular ‘Enhanced History’ feature, enables users to see when their heating systems is called into action. With more than one thermostat compare different time periods and across different heating zones and configure heating control for better efficiency.

    Find out more here.