Receive Low Temperature Alert Notifications for your Home with Heatmiser & IFTTT

What is IFTTT?

Technology is great at taking over the repetitive tasks we do every day, and there is something special when things just happen.

IFTTT was created to provide us with an easy way of connecting our favourite Apps and Devices. By creating “Applets” you can setup a trigger (I arrive Home) and a series of actions that will take place automatically.

Your Heatmiser Thermostat can be used to alert you of any low temperatures in your home, allowing you to re-act quickly to any potential issues.

Here at Heatmiser, we truly believe we are better connected. 

How can I use the Heatmiser Temperature Alert?

Your Heatmiser Thermostat can alert you to any low or high temperature conditions. You can decide what happens once this trigger has occurred.

Some great examples are;


When the Heatmiser temperature drops to  __ °


  1. Boost the Heating to __°
  2. Send me a Notification
  3. Send me an Email

    1. When the Heatmiser temperature rises above __°

  1. Send me a Notification
  2. Track High Temperatures in a Google Spreadsheet
  3. Turn on Fan for 15 minutes
  4. Set y0ur Hue Lights to Red

Getting Started?

Setting up IFTTT is really easy and their app talks you through all the steps you need to take in order to connect Heatmiser with all the other channels around.

We have included the basic steps here