Have you used the Heatmiser IFTTT Channel yet ?

How can I make use of IFTTT?

Here are some examples of what you could achieve with the Heatmiser IFTTT Channel.

IFTTT IF triggers:

  1. Neo/SmartStat temperature rises above
  2. Neo/SmartStat temperature drops below
IFTTT THEN actions:

  1. Hold [Temperature] for [Duration] in [room]
  2. Set [Temperature] for [Room]
  3. Set Standby for [Room]
  4. Cancel Standby for [Room]
  5. Boost [Timer] for [Duration]
  6. Turn [neoPlug] On
  7. Turn [neoPlug] Off
  8. Set Away
  9. Cancel Away

Applet Examples

  1. IF the window is open THEN put the Heatmiser into Standby Mode

(This uses the Wireless Tags Channel and Heatmiser)

  1. IF the outside temperature drops below 7C THEN Set Temperature on Heatmiser to 18C

(This uses the Weather Channel and Heatmiser)

  1. IF I arrive at location THEN Boost Hot Water for 1 hour

(This uses the Location Channel and Heatmiser)

  1. IF after sunset THEN turn on Table Light neoPlug

(This uses the Weather Channel and Heatmiser)

  1. IF Heatmiser Temperature drop below THEN send mobile notification.

(This uses the Heatmiser and Notification Channel)

What is IFTTT all about ?

IFTTT lets you create “Applets” connections between two products or apps.

What is an Applet? 

A recipe consists of a single IF and single THAT statement. So, IF this happens, do THAT.

Which Heatmiser products are supported?

Neo and SmartStat are supported on the IFTTT platform.

What does it cost ?

There is no cost to use IFTTT, it’s just another way we are working to make your Neo and SmartStat even smarter.

How do I use it ?

You need to create an account with IFTTT at www.ifttt.com   followed by linking the Heatmiser Channel to your IFTTT Account.