🔥 Exciting news! Our latest update to neoApp

Empowering homeowners and installers to optimise heating efficiency like never before.

Customers using our neoApp wanted to see how their home heating performs….

Introducing ‘Hours Run’ a new function that works alongside our popular ‘Enhanced History’ feature that enables users to see when their heating systems is called into action.

Easily compare different time periods and across different zones and configure heating control for better efficiency. In this video, we explain how to use the Hours Run feature to gain insight into your heating system’s usage.

Hours Run provides you with information that you can use to see how much you have spent based on your gas or electricity rates. Compare from week to week to see how much more or less you have used. And, if you have multiple zones using more than one thermostat, optimise a room’s efficiency, be that insulation or temperature settings.

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