Smart thermostat cooling control prevents costly maintenance

3 high rise residential buildings in London

In a time where unpredictably high temperatures are becoming the norm, residents or owners of high-end apartments can find the frustrating issue of the cooling function of their fan coil HVAC systems failing just when they need it most.

The problem stems from the control valves, integral to regulating water flow into the coils, which can stick after weeks of non-use. Thus, residents who use these properties as secondary homes, frequently travel, or simply haven’t needed cooling during the winter find that as temperatures rise, the stuck valves necessitate either a call to repair services or requests for intervention from property management—both of which can be costly.

Recognising the need for a solution, a London-based upmarket residential property developer approached Heatmiser, known for its expertise in smart thermostat technology, to help solve the problem. The Heatmiser team recommended their neoStat-HC thermostat and proposed an innovative software enhancement to tackle this directly.

The software update introduced a valve-cycling feature, termed “Function14”, which activates the valves briefly every month during periods of inactivity. This process essentially enables water to periodically move through the valve when the pump is active and helps minimise potential blockages.

Function14, or coil valve cycling, has now become a standard feature of the neoStat-HC Fan Coil thermostat, adding yet another advancement in the evolution of the Neo product range. This development strengthens Heatmiser’s flagship smart home comfort control technology, ensuring each component of the Neo ecosystem not only performs optimally but contributes to an integrated state-of-the-art home environment.

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Image of a neoStat - HC a smart thermostat with the ability to control Heating and cooling systems with an LCD display showing temperature and control configuration

The neoStat-HC our smart Fan Coil Thermostat

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