Report a Vulnerability

We value the help of the cyber security community in helping us maintain our high security standards.  You can report any suspect vulnerabilities related to our products or services.

Your responsibilities 

  • Email your findings to us using the Vulnerability Report Form on this page.
  • Do not engage in attacks against 3rd parties, social engineering, denial of service attacks or spamming or causing other nuisance to other users.
  • Provide proof of concept so that we are able to reproduce the vulnerability.
  • Do not abuse the vulnerability
  • Do not share details of the vulnerability until it has been resolved.

Our responsibility 

  • Respond with 24 hours to any submitted report
  • Provide an update within 5 days with an initial report
  • Ensure the details of the submitting party remain confidential and not shared with 3rd parties, unless required in order to do so comply with legal obligations
  • Resolve all submitted reports as quickly as possible
  • Heatmiser do not operate a bug bounty