What is IFTTT all about ?

IFTTT lets you create “Applets” These are connections between two products or apps.

What is an Applet? 

A recipe consists of a single IF and single THAT statement. So, IF this happens, do THAT.

The following products are compatible with IFTTT

Via the neoHub

  • neoStat
  • neoAir
  • neoStat-e
  • neoUltra
  • neoPlug


We offer the following triggers.

  1. Temperature rises above
  2. Temperature drops below

The Heatmiser IFTTT Channel offers the following actions.

  1. Hold [Temperature] for [Duration] in [room]
  2. Set [Temperature] for [Room]
  3. Set Standby for [Room]
  4. Cancel Standby for [Room]
  5. Boost [Timer] for [Duration]
  6. Turn [neoPlug] On
  7. Turn [neoPlug] Off
  8. Set Away
  9. Cancel Away

Setup Steps

These instructions assume you already have the IFTTT app installed and operating on your device.

Linking to IFTTT

  • In the IFTTT app, press Discover
  • In the Search window, search for Heatmiser
  • Press Services
  • Tap Heatmiser
  • Press Connect
  • Enter your Heatmiser Account to link to IFTTT
  • Select the Location


If IFTTT reports your password is wrong, check the following points.

  • Ensure you are using your Heatmiser account login details.
  • You must be the master owner of your neoHub. You cannot link to IFTTT if you are a shared user.

The most common reason for login issues is an incorrect password being used.

In a case like this, we would suggest resetting your Heatmiser Password so that you are sure you are using the correct password.

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