Feature Showcase of the Neo app Version 2

Zone Screen

Zone List / Feature Bar Menu

Clicking here will slide the screen down to present the Zone List and Feature Bar.

Status Bar

Auto means the zone is working to the programmed time and temperatures. Pressing Auto is a simple way of cancelling any temperature hold or standby mode.

Hold will be displayed when you have activated a temperature hold or you have manually adjusted the temperature from its programmed set point.

Standby Selecting standby will place the heating into standby mode, where the Away temperature will be maintained. The default is 12C, but you can adjust this from 7C to 17C.

Active Profile/Profile Selection

Active Profile is displayed in the zone screen and you can switch to another profile by pressing the Profile Selection menu.

Zone Settings 

The Zone Settings button allows you to to view and edit select features of the thermostat, such as Preheat Time, Away Temperature and Switching Differential.


Scrolling the Zone Screen will show the history view, and pressing the Expand button will allow you to view the history for the previous 7 days.

Zone List

Location Selection

Neo is perfect for those with multiple homes. Clicking here will take you to the location selection list, providing a quick and easy way to switch between locations. On Android, you will find the location selector in the feature bar.

Feature Bar

The feature bar provides quick access to the features you will use most often. Whilst the appearance varies between our mobile applications, the method of operation remains the same

Away: Our Away mode now has 2 features. Permanently Away and Away Until. Permanently Away is perfect when you’re not sure when you will return and the Away Until (previously Holiday) allows you to enter a return date and time when you will return. In either mode, your Away Temperature will be maintained.

Zone Details 

The Zone List provides a quick summary of the zone information, including the current temperature, set temperature and the next heating level.


Program Mode

The Neo System can work in Non Programmable, 5/2 Day, 7 day and 24 hour mode. The mode will change the view you see here.

4 or 6 Levels

When connected to a neoHub, Neo can operate with 4 or 6 levels. The default is 4 but you can enable the 6 level option by enabling this in the Settings menu of the app.

Understanding the Profiles 

A profile is a stored set of time and temperature settings that the thermostat will use to control your heating. The 4 or 6 levels you program should reflect the desired temperature you want in your home throughout the day It is more cost effective to reduce the temperature in your home rather than turn it off completely.

Applying a Profiles to Multiple Rooms

A profile can be used on one or multiple rooms and the active profile will be displayed in the zone screen. When you amend a profile, the update is automatically sent to all neoStat’s using the profile.

Stored on the Hub for Sharing

Profiles are stored on the neoHub so they can be accessed by all users of the system.


What’s a Recipe?

A recipe is built up of various actions that can be activated at the touch of a button or automatically by our Location based control.


Actions are commands that are sent to your system, such as a Temperature Hold Until, Hold for duration, Timer boost, Enable Standby, Activate a Profile and many many more. Once you have a selected the action, you can then select the rooms the action applies to.

A Simple Recipe

A simple recipe might be a Hot Water Boost. You can setup your app to send a 1 hour Hot water boost and you can activate this in your Neo app.

A More Complex Recipe

A more complex recipe might be to turn on a couple of neoPlug’s, Boost the Hot Water for 1 hour and increase the set temperature to 21C in a couple of rooms. This recipe would work great as a Returning Home Recipe automatically triggered when you arrive home.

Recipes are Personal

Recipes are stored only on your mobile device and aren’t shared to other users on the system. This means you can personalise them to match how you use the system.

Location Based Control

What is Location Based Control?

Our Location based control uses your mobile phones GPS to calculate your position and from this trigger a recipe when you leave and arrive back home.

Unlike some systems, we don’t dictate the trigger distance or what happens when you leave or return home.

Our Location Based Control is super flexible, allowing you to decide the leave and return distance as well as what happens when you leave and return.

Multi Users

Multi users are supported on Neo and this includes our Location Based Control. When the last person leaves home, their Leave Recipe will Run and when the first person returns home, their Return Recipe will run.

We have been working extensively on the Version 2 Neo app and it’s here!  We just know you’re going to love it, but to get you started we have highlighted a few of the great new features.

  • Smart Profiles

    Smart Profiles will change the way you control your heating & hot water system. Many zones in your home will operate to the same time and temperature settings. Use Smart Profiles to save the time you spend programming your system.

  • Time Saving Recipes

    Recipes on Neo let you setup simple tasks, like switching on a table lamp via your neoPlug, to multi-command smart home behaviours that perform several actions at once.

  • Smarter Location Based Control

    Our Location based control is designed to put you in control over what happens to your heating, hot water and appliances when you leave and return home. Using Recipes, single or multiple actions can be setup and multi-users are supported.