Battery Thermostat Series

Our battery thermostats are a viable upgrade route for those with a dial thermostat working on a two wire system. The design follows our Slimline Thermostat Series with non programmable and programmable options being available.

Heatmiser DT-B

The Heatmiser DT-B is our non programmable battery thermostat. The DT-B is surface mount and uses 2 AAA batteries. The DT-B is normally used with an external time clock.

Holiday Feature
Self Learning Preheat
Locking Feature
Temperature Hold Function

Heatmiser PRT-B

The Heatmiser PRT-B is our programmable battery thermostat, capable of accepting 4 comfort levels per day.

The PRT-B offers 5/2 day and 7 day programming.

Holiday Feature
Self Learning Preheat
Locking Feature
Temperature Hold Function

Headline Features

  • System Compatibilty

    Compatible with Solar, Heat Pumps and most Boiler Technologies.

  • Battery Powered

    The Heatmiser DT-B and PRT-B models are powered by 2 AAA batteries.

  • Self Learning Preheat

    The Heatmiser PRT-B features optimum start, a feature were the thermostat calculates the amount of heat up time required.

  • Surface Mount

    Our battery thermostats are surface mounted for easy installation, making them perfect for the retrofit market.

  • Flexible Programming

    The Heatmiser PRT-B offers flexible programming, by offering 5/2 day and 7 day programming modes.

  • Temperature Hold

    The Heatmiser PRT-B offers a temperature hold facility, allowing a desired temperature to be held for a specific duration.

  • Holiday Feature

    The Heatmiser PRT-B offers a holiday function, whereby the PRT-B will maintain the frost temperature for the duration of the holiday.

  • Key Lock

    The key lock function prevents unauthorised tampering of the thermostat, a easy way to reduce energy consumption.

Optimum StartNoYes
Holiday FunctionNoYes
Keylock FunctionYesYes
Temperature HoldNoYes
Frost ProtectionYesYes
C/F OptionYesYes
Built in Air SensorYesYes
Supply2 x AAA Batteries2 x AAA Batteries
Dimensions (L,H,D)99x86x24mm99x86x24mm
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