Room Thermostat with Remote Sensor – Heatmiser Edge

So often room thermostats are installed in the wrong place, often in halls or near doors.

This can result in the room temperature being too cold or too hot. The Heatmiser Edge is compatible with the wireless air sensor and door/contact switch to provide an easy way of controlling the temperature remote from your wired thermostat location.

The window switch ensures you don’t heat the street whenever you open the door or window.

  • Wireless Air Sensor

    With the optional wireless air sensor you can measure the temperature remote from the wired Edge location. In addition you can pair multiple sensors to create an average temperature in your home. Perfect for larger, open plan homes.

  • Wireless Window/Door Switch

    Don’t heat the street. Pair a window/door switch and the Edge will turn the heating off whenever the door or window is opened.

  • Energy Saving PreHeat Function

    The Energy Saving Preheat function on Edge will automatically adjust the heat up time required in order to ensure your home is at the right temperature for the programmed time.

  • Electric Floor Heating Model

    The Heatmiser Edge-e offers all the great features of the Heatmiser Edge but is capable of switching up to 16A and is supplied with a remote floor sensor.