65% of house buyers say Underfloor Heating makes a property more attractive.

A SellingUp/Populus survey has revealed 18 features that will bring in the buyers and Underfloor Heating has come up in hot demand.

Here at Heatmiser, we already knew that Underfloor heating is an increasingly popular alternative to radiators and the demand looks set to rise with no fewer than 65% of people saying it makes a property more attractive and just 7% against.

Among the claimed benefits of underfloor heating are that it spreads the heat more evenly around the house and keeps the temperature at a consistent level, as well as freeing up valuable wall space once occupied by radiators. On a simpler level, the prospect of having a cosy, warm floor to walk on with bare feet on a cold winter morning could be a factor too.

The appeal of underfloor heating is high across the age ranges, although it is the 35-44 age group that prizes it the most (73%) and 65+ the least (56%) – which is still a comfortable majority.

To read about the other features people want in their dream home, check out the survey results on Sellingup.com