Control your Appliances from Anywhere with neoPlug from Heatmiser.

Neo from Heatmiser has offered the very best Multi Zone Smart Heating Control since its launch in January 2014.

New features have come thick and fast since its launch including our Geo Location feature that automatically turns the heating off when the last person leaves home and back on for when the first person returns.

Then we saw the introduction of recipes allowing users to setup a series of actions that could be activated on demand. Our Apple Watch App made controlling your heating and hot water even more personal.
neoPlug is a smart plug that allows you to control your appliances from your neoApp. Sure, you can time your appliances to come on and go off on a time schedule and you can control them manually at the touch of a button in the neoApp, but we wanted neoPlug to integrated perfectly with the features you have told us you love on Neo, including Geo Location, Recipes and from your Apple Watch.
Fancy running a recipe to turn your heating on, boost your hot water for an hour and turn your lights on ? With Neo you can!

  • Control from Anywhere

    With the neoPlug you can time your appliances to turn on or you can use the manually control in the neoApp.

  • Mesh Networking with Repeater Function

    The neoPlug becomes part of the Neo System, automatically routing data around your home. In addition, it serves as a repeater helping to extend the communication range of other Neo devices.

  • Perfect for Lighting

    The neoPlug is perfect for controlling lights from the neoApp.

  • Geo Location

    The neoPlug can be configured to turn on via a Geo Location trigger (iOS Only)