Smart Plug – Heatmiser neoPlug

  • Manual & Timed Control

    You can program 4 on/off times via the neoApp and you can manually control the appliance locally or via the app.

  • Geo Location

    Trigger your appliance via the iOS Geo Location feature.

Expand your neoHub System with neoPlug and control your Appliances from Anywhere! With the Heatmiser neoPlug you can control the appliance manually from the neoApp or you can program switching times via the app that the appliance will follow.

With our latest apps for Android and iOS, users can include the neoPlug in their Geo Location triggers, so the appliance can turn on when you get close to home or when you leave.

Manual ControlYes
Timed ModeYes
CompatibilityneoHub – Yes
neoHub Mini – No
Repeater FunctionUH8-RF – Yes
RF Switch – Yes
neoHub – Yes
neoHub Mini – No
Timed BoostYes
Geo Location TriggerYes
Supply230v AC
Dimensions (L,H,D)70x94x33mm
  • Wireless Repeater

    The neoPlug also acts as a wireless repeater for the UH8-RF, RF Switch and neoHub, extending the communication distance around your home.