Office28 is a brand new corporate development offering premium, flexible office space – ideally located in the heart of Wolverhampton’s City Centre. The building has a total of 32 serviced offices, 2 communal kitchens, Shower and bathroom facilities and Meeting rooms.

The company was about to start Phase2 of the design project which was to build the offices in the upstairs section of the building and find a modern solution to Heating this area that blended with the overall theme for the building.

X-Gen-Heating Limited was tasked with consulting on alternative methods of heating that wasn’t costly or difficult to install. The initial design looked at Infrared Heating Panels in great detail and went through the cost savings potential if we was to go ahead and install this type of system. The client also wanted a level of control over the heating of the building and hot water systems and be able to monitor the usage in each zone. The main reason for choosing Infrared Heating was due to the modern look of the panels which could blend in with the building and offer a true space and energy saving solution.

X-Gen-Heating Ltd was best placed to provide this level of detail as the only provider of complete Infrared Central Heating systems. The difficult part of the project was to find a Smart Thermostat system that could communicate with the Infrared Heating Panels and The infrared Hot water. Not many viable options were readily available so we looked to Heatmiser to find a solution that met the client’s needs.

We found that the best Thermostats for the job were the neoStat-e and neoHub system as with this being a fairly large office we needed a way for the thermostats to all communicate with the neoHub even from the other side of the building. The Mesh network system worked Really well. As long as the first thermostat connected to the neoHub the other 31 Thermostats could piggy back off each other and connect. This system provided the level of monitoring and control the client wanted overall even when he is not at the office.


Being a new office with new technology this project had many challenges to overcome. The Infrared Central heating system was originally designed for home use so the plans had to be redesigned from the ground up in order to work in exactly same way on a much larger scale. Without the Neostat system we may not have been able to control the overall system the way the client wanted and there would be a high risk that the system was not as energy efficient as was designed thus making it not a viable solution. As it was the system is now performing around 65% more energy efficient than using Electric heaters or Gas boilers and looks far more stylish than either of these options.


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