Modbus Fan Coil Thermostat Series – Edge HC

Heatmiser Edge-HC is our fan coil thermostat series.

Taking the same styling as the edge series, the floating edge design of the Edge series will compliment the décor in any home.

Two models are available in the Edge HC Series.

  • “Heatmiser Edge-HC” includes a key card input override
  • “Heatmiser Edge-HC Modbus” offers Modbus connectivity.

The Edge-HC fan coil thermostats have been designed specifically for 2 and 4 pipe systems fan coil systems.

Control Mode Options (Selectable in Software)

  • 2 Pipe System Manual – Heat or Cool
  • 2 Pipe System – Cool Only
  • 2 Pipe System – Heat or Cool (Twin Valve Output)
  • 4 Pipe System – Heat, Cool and Auto
  • 2 Pipe System – Heat, Cool with 2 stage heating

Fan Speed

  • High, Medium, Low, Auto

Headline Features

  • System Compatibility

    Compatible with 2 and 4 pipe fan coil systems and 2 stage heating systems.

  • Self Learning Preheat

    The Edge-hc series offer optimum start, a feature were the thermostat calculates the amount of heat up time required.

  • Fan Speed

    The Heatmiser Edge-hc offers 3 speed fan control.

  • Modbus Connection

    The Edge-hc Modbus includes Modbus Connectivity. This allows third party integrators the ability to integrate the Edge series with home automation and building management systems.

  • Key Card Override Input

    The Edge-hc offers a key card override input switch, ideal for hotel applications.

  • Key Locking

    Key locking with a PIN number is standard on all of the Edge-hc series and is an excellent way to reduce tampering of the heating system.

  • Flexible Programming

    The Edge-hc models can be set to work in Non Programmable, 5/2 Day, 7 Day and 24 hour programming ensuring that you can select the right programming choice for your requirement.

  • White Back Light

    The Edge-hc series incorporate a white back light, which turns off automatically when not in use.

Featureedge-hcedge-hc Modbus
Heating and Cooling (Selectable Mode Option)YesYes
Temperature Range05-35C05-35C
Cooling Temp Range18-35C18-35C
Fan Speed ControlYesYes
Key Card Override InputNoYes
Modbus Connectivity NoYes
Flexible ProgrammingYesYes
No. Heating Levels4 or 6 (selectable)4 or 6 (selectable)
Optimum StartYesYes
No. Hot Water LevelsNANA
Holiday FunctionYesYes
Key Lock FunctionYesYes
Temperature HoldYesYes
Wireless Air Sensor FunctionNoYes
Wireless Window/Door Switch FunctionNoYes
Floor Sensor ModeNoNo
Floor Sensor Inc.NoNo
Max Current3A3A
Dimensions (L,H,D)90x90x15mm90x90x15mm