Heatmiser Neo FAQ

Heatmiser Neo System FAQ


Neo is designed for wired and wireless multi zone heating systems. Neo can control radiators zones with wired valves, water and electric based underfloor heating systems as well as timed control of hot water cylinders and towel rails.

This wide array of control options makes Neo the most flexible smart control solution available.

Most likely Yes!

If you have a 3 core wired thermostat, you can easily upgrade to the neoStat. If you don’t have a thermostat or you have a wireless thermostat, you can install the neoAir Thermostat that is linked to our 2 channel or 8 zone wiring centre. Drop us an email at support@heatmiser.com with details of your current setup and we will advise on the best upgrade route.

Previous Generation Heatmiser Network System

If you have a Heatmiser Network system using our 12v thermostats and TouchPad/Netmonitor you can upgrade to our neoStat 12v. This upgrade allows you to keep your existing wiring centre and cabling. You simply swap out the thermostat for the neoStat 12v and pair them to the neoHub should you want app control. Your Netmonitor would be redundant as would the TouchPad.

You need the neoHub if you want;

  1. To control your heating system from your mobile device
  2. You want to use the neoUltra as a central control unit
  3. You want to integrate the system with HomeKit, Alexa, IFTTT or Google Home
  4. You can to integrate with Control4 or another home automation system

On installation, the neoApp may prompt you to download and install an update that is required.

After installation, the neoHub will periodically check for updates and will install these automatically.

The neoHub is the network coordinator. It communicates with the mains powered Neo Devices via a mesh network. This mesh network is designed to relay the signals between devices, so the total communication distance is greater than a standard RF System.

The neoAir can join the mesh network but does not relay signals, so in a system made up of only neoAir you may require more neoPlug/Repeaters to extend the communication range. The neoAir also communicates directly via RF to the receiver and so in both systems the neoHub is not required for the heating to operate.

No. The neoHub connects directly to a spare network port on your router.

We recommend no more than 32 devices to be paired to the neoHub.

No we don’t charge a monthly subscription.

Your heating will continue to operate. 

Whilst you won’t be able to use the app, you can make adjustments to your heating by operating the neoStat directly on the wall.

You will find manuals for the neoStat models here 

Neo doesn’t support electronic TRVs

Neo is designed for wired zones and we would always recommend installing wired valves whenever possible. We don’t believe our customers want to be changing batteries in every TRV at least once per season.


All of the following Neo work with the neoHub and you can mix these on the same system.

  • neoAir is our battery powered wireless version. It works with the 2 Channel Receiver RF Switch or the 8 Zone Wireless wiring centre UH8-RF
  • neoStat is our 230v powered programmable thermostat. It can replace any 3 wire thermostat.
  • neoStat-e is our electric floor heating model.  It can switch up to 16A
  • neoStat-hw is our hot water programmer model. It offers changeover contacts for valves that require power to open and power to close
  • neoUltra is our 230v programmable thermostat that also serves as a central control
  • neoStat-HC is our heating and cooling fan coil thermostat.

You would use the neoStat-e that is supplied with a 3M remote floor sensor and is capable of switching up to 16A

If you require central control, you would use the neoUltra

The Heatmiser neoUltra has been designed to work as a standalone thermostat or as part of an app controlled Neo System. In addition, the neoUltra can operate as a central controller, providing a single point of access to all of the neoStat, neoAir & neoPlug in the home.

The standard neoStat has a timer mode that can be used for hot water control. This would be wired via a cylinder thermostat to maintain the desired temperature in the cylinder when the timer is programmed to be on.

In addition, if your system uses a power open/open close valve, you can use the neoStat-hw.

If you are installing underfloor heating then you would install a wiring centre at each manifold. The wiring centre would provide the outputs for the boiler, pump and valve as well as the individual zone output.

If you are installing radiators, you can wire directly from the thermostat to the valve – and use the end switch in the valve to operate the boiler. Alternatively, if your valves are located in the same location you can use a wiring centre to simplify the wiring.

We always recommend installing a repeater on each floor.

You may also need additional repeaters depending on the type of property, such as if there are thick walls, metal objects or other items that will impact on the Mesh & RF Signal.

Mesh = Communication between neoStat and neoHub

RF = Communication between neoAir and UH8/RF and RF Switch

We have two repeaters available – neoPlug and Boost.  Both products repeat the Mesh & RF Signals

Neo can work with a number of sensors, and which you use depends on your use of the room.

1. The sensor built in to the neoStat can measure the temperature at the thermostat

2. Remote Thimble air sensor –  can measure the temperature remote from the thermostat

3. The floor sensor can measure the floor surface and prevent overheating.

4. Option 2&3 together.   Software option can select this.
This can measure the air and use the floor sensor to limit the max temperature of the floor to protect the floor surface.

These sensor modes in Neo enable you to control the temperature at the point important to you. For example it makes sense to control the floor temperature in a kitchen or shower room, so that the floor tiles are warm to walk on.


Neo has an Away mode. This mode turns all your heating and hot water off whilst allowing your neoPlug’s to operate normally.

The neoHub will update the Summer/Winter time in the UK and CET Time Zones.

Yes, Neo can pre-heat your home and will automatically learn how long your home takes to heat up.

As the seasons change, Neo will react by updating this preheat time.

Neo can work in the following modes

Non Programmable (No time settings, you simply set a temperature)

5/2 (Weekdays are the same, weekend is different)

24 Hour (All days are the same)

7 Day ( All days different)

The default is 5/2

Yes. You can enter a PIN code that must be entered on the neoStat before any change can be made.

Yes you can share the system with other users. Depending on whether the user is setup as a Guest or Admin will determine their level of control.

Admin users have access to everything

Guest Users do not have access to:

  • Delete the location
  • Add/Remove/Retitle/Attach Zones
  • Access thermostat zone settings
  • Access/Run Profiles (via profiles or recipes)
  • Access GeoLocation
  • Access any other system settings.
  • Share the system on to any other users. Only the owner can share the system.

Yes Neo has Geo Location functionality.

This works by allowing each user on the Neo System to set up the following;

  • The Leave Radius and Leave Recipe
  • The Return Radius and Return Recipe

A recipe is a series of actions, such as set the Turn off the Hot water, Set the Living Room to 15C

When the last person leaves home and passes the leave radius, their leave recipe will activate.  When the first person returns with the radius of home, their return recipe will activate.

Neo works on Alexa, IFTTT, Google Home and HomeKit

When used with the neoHub and neoApp, the Neo system can support 4 or 6 heating levels per day. This means you can vary the temperature 4 or 6 times throughout the day.

Yes with Neo you can control more than 1 home in the neoApp

You can view the last 7 day temperature log for each zone in the neoApp.

Interested in an OEM supply of the Neo System?  Get in touch here for more details.