Why Apple HomeKit makes sense

As more and more devices become “Internet Enabled” home owners are presented with an array of Apps from each manufacturer. There is no link between devices, and the smart home is starting to look a little “less smart”

HomeKit from Apple is set to change all of that by offering IOS users a single app that customers can use to control of their HomeKit enabled devices.

As one of the first heating control manufacturers to offer HomeKit Support, you really should be offering this to your customer during the design phase.

Lets check out the key reasons why you should be offering your customers HomeKit.

  • All HomeKit devices can Interact with each other

    Accessories with the Works with HomeKit logo have undergone extensive testing by Apple and are sure to give your customer a great user experience.

  • Voice Control

    Siri works with HomeKit and lets your customer interact with the accessories in their home by voice commands. You can say for example “Hey Siri, Set the Temperature in the Living Room to 21” or “Hey Siri, Turn the heating off”

  • Smart Automation

    HomeKit is all about making the home smart and automation is where this happens.

    In the Home app, you can setup automation rules that happen when the condition is met. This could be when you arrive or leave home, or when an accessory state changes.

    So as an example, you can say turn the lights on and increase the temperature in a number of rooms when you get near to home. More complex rules can be set, such as only run the automation after sunset.

  • Future Proof your Customers Home

    By offering HomeKit Support to your customers, they can rest assured that their heating system will interact with existing and future HomeKit accessories they may purchase.