Heatmiser Neo Android App Preview

Our v2 Neo Android App has now been released.

Building on the 1st release, the new version has a host of new features as well as a performance boost!

One of the main new features of the v2 app is Profiles. Whilst you can continue to program your zones just like you did before, profiles let you store a set of comfort levels in the hub and then apply when you like – and to any number of zones on your system. To apply the profile, simply select it in the zone or create a recipe to apply it to the zones you select with one key press.

In the v2 app, we have listened to your feedback and you can now set 6 levels per day – giving you even greater control of your heating system.

Here are a few more exciting changes coming to your Android v2 Neo App.

A preview of the all new Android Neo App …

Tablet support will follow the initial release of the Phone App.

  • Profiles

    We added Profiles into our very first Neo app, and we have made them even more integrated. Profiles are stored in the neoHub allowing you to quickly enable any profile within each zone screen. You will also know which profile is active as we indicate this now too!

  • Renaming & Re-ordering

    One of the most requested features was the ability to rename and re-order zones. Now you can!

    The zone list also shows additional information, including Room Temperature, Set Temperature as well the next heating comfort level.

  • 6 Level Programming

    You can now program 6 levels per zone, giving you even more control of your heating.

  • Geo Location

    We have taken Geo Location support even further with the next release of our Android Neo App!

    We don’t believe you should just receive a notification or simply adjust the temperature in your home when you leave or return. With Heatmiser Geo Location you can trigger a Recipe for both leaving and returning, allowing for a whole series of things to happen from boosting the hot-water, turning on your neoPlug’s and increasing the temperature in a couple of rooms.

    Now that is flexible Geo Location!

  • Quick Recipes

    Recipes allow you to setup a series of actions that can be run quickly with one press. In addition, you can run a recipe when you leave home or return with the Geo Location facility. Recipes can be used to boost the hot-water, switch on your neoPlug’s, increase the temperature in one or all rooms, enable or cancel away and so much more.

    Recipes are the easiest way to control your home with one press.

  • Speed Enhancement

    Speed improvements on the Neo V2 app was always a key requirement in our design and thanks to improved data transfer and local caching, control of your heating is now even slicker.