Voice Control of your Heatmiser with Amazon Alexa

We are pleased to announce that our Echo skill has now been published.

To setup, search for Heatmiser in your Alexa app and link to your Heatmiser Account.

What is Amazon Echo?

Amazon Echo is a hands-free speaker that you control with your voice. Echo connects to the Alexa Voice Service to play music, provide information, news, sports scores and now control your Heatmiser Neo & SmartStat.

What does it cost?

Nothing. Our Echo “Skill” is available free of charge, further enhancing your Heatmiser System.

Having trouble?

If you are having trouble with our Alexa skill, please first check the following.

  1. You must be the master account owner on the Neo/SmartStat system.
  2. You must enter the same login details that you use in the Heatmiser app when linking to Alexa.

If you are still having trouble, please email support@heatmiser.com from your registered email address along with the full command you are saying. Our support team will happily assist you.

What can the skill offer?

Here are the phrases you can say. Replace inside { } with your system details.

Adjusting the Temperature

Set {Room} to {Temp}
Set {Room} to {Temp} degrees
Set the {Room} to {Temp}
Set the {Room} to {Temp} degrees

Enabling Standby (Frost Mode)
Turn On standby on {Room}
Turn On standby on the {Room}
Turn On standby in {Room}
Turn On standby in the {Room}

Cancelling Standby (Frost Mode)

Turn Off Standby in {Room}
Turn Off Standby in the {Room}

Turn Off Standby in {Room}
Turn Off Standby in the {Room}

Setting a Temperature hold
Set hold of {Temp} in {Room} for {Hour(s)}
Set hold of {Temp} in the {Room} for {Hour(s)}
Set the {Room} to {Temp} for {Time}
Set {Room} to {Temp} for {Time}

Boost a Timer

Boost {Room} for {Hour(s)}   TIMER MODE ONLY

Asking for the current temperature
Whats the current temp in {Room}
Whats the current temp in the {Room}
Whats the temp in {Room}
Whats the temp in the {Room}
Whats the temperature in {Room}
Whats the temperature in the {Room}

Enabling Away Mode

Turn On System Away.

Put the System into Away mode.

Cancelling Away Mode
Turn Off System Away.
Turn Off the System Away mode.