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SmartPhone Control of Your Heating System



The easiest and most convenient way to control your heating system




Our SmartPhone Applications, available for free from the AppStore and Google PlayStore, must be the most convenient way to control your heating system.


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Single Zone Systems

Real Time Temperature Display - Our SmartPhone Apps present a real time view of the temperature in your home - no more wondering if your home is freezing whilst you are away on your winter holiday.


Temperature Override made Easy - Need an easy way to override the programmed temperature? No problem, the App lets you override the temperature until the next programmed level or you can use the hold facility and hold a temperature for a specific duration. 


Easy programming of your Heating & Hot Water - We are often told that our TouchScreen Thermostats are simple to program - but now they are even easier! The SmartPhone Apps let you edit your heating levels in 5/2 day or 7 day mode, and because it's so simple you are more likely to re-program as your schedule changes - saving you energy. On the hot water model the hot water switching times can be edited.


Holiday - The thermostats have a holiday program that can be set from the Apps. During a holiday period, the thermostat will maintain the frost temperature set within your thermostat - ensuring your home is protected against the elements.





Multi Zone Systems


Wired Network Systems  

Those looking to control their wired network systems via our App will require our Netmonitor with firmware version 3.5 or above.

Global Functions
Locking several thermostats, holding a temperature in several zones or placing your system in Away Mode is possible on the multi-room systems.

Copy Facility Our Apps allow you to copy comfort levels between the different days of the week, helping to reduce the overall time to program the system.


WiFi Thermostat Systems  

Those looking to control multiple WiFi Thermostats via our App will require our Multi-Link module.

History (Multi-Link Only)  The last 7 days temperature graph are available, giving you an excellent way of monitoring your energy usage.

Multi Zone DashBoard  Those with multiple zones will see the Zone DashBoard, a quick and easy way to access the zones within your home. From this screen, you can quickly edit the temperature and get an instant status update in every zone.